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Investor Biases

Why You Should Avoid Mutual Funds


Know What You Pay….And What You are Exactly Paying For

It is staggering the number of individuals that actually do not even know how their advisors or banks get compensated. Canadians continue to be led to believe that they need to pay an advisor to simply “access” the markets to invest in. Clients now more than ever should be asking if they are simply being sold investments or whether they are actually receiving true financial advice. At Precedence Capital we believe in the importance of having common goals with our clients….not conflicts. Our unbiased fee based approach completely aligns our objectives with that of our clients….Growing and protecting their wealth. The way it should be.


Know how you are protected

If the market were to crash tomorrow, how would your portfolio be affected? Almost everyone responds, “I do not know.” This is by far the scariest thing we hear from the people we meet. Because there are simple and proven ways to protect one’s assets from these major market shocks. Yet, very few advisors utilize these investment processes. Our rule of thumb when investing is very simple. “Do not lose money”. Not in the absolute sense, but rather by avoiding major losses. By doing so you are able to continue to grow and compound your wealth over time.


Know what you own and why you own it

Many people understand very little about what they are actually invested in. Their nest eggs continue to be hidden under a mirage of complexity that only "financial professionals" can articulate. This shouldn’t be the case. If fact if you strip away all the noise, it is the most disciplined and simplistic strategies that continue to deliver consistent results for our clients. No smoke….no mirrors….Just an evidence based investment approach that truly works.



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What Our Clients Say

“I understand your time is extremely valuable and I appreciate the insight and advice you offer. Not all advisors spend extra time with the clients. Your group is a breath of fresh air in the financial industry and it is very comforting to be in such experienced hands!”

Rob S

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Todd McLay

Todd McLay

Principal & Senior Investment Advisor - Precedence Capital

Senior Investment Advisor – Gravitas Securities Inc.

Todd Bergstresser

Todd Bergstresser

Investment Advisor

Precedence Capital – Gravitas Securities Inc.


Todd McLay is currently licensed in the following jurisdictions: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Todd Bergstresser is licensed in the following jurisdictions: Saskatchewan and Alberta.

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