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Why You Should Avoid Mutual Funds

Why do Canadians continue to utilize ineffective investment strategies?

Over 90% of all actively traded mutual funds and managed accounts underperform the broad market. That means you have less than a tenth of a chance of selecting an investment manager that will provide you value for the money you pay them. Nowhere else does this type of complacency exist in society.*

STOP paying for underperformance.

With increased technology and efficiencies available to investors today, Canadians need not pay institutions to simply have "access" to particular investments. What every single investor should be asking is:

1.   What am I really paying my advisor or financial institution for?
2.   Am I actually receiving true advice that builds my wealth or simply being sold investments?
3.   Does my advisor provide solutions based on my best interest alone, or are they influenced to sell a company's proprietary products?

It's time to take a much closer look.

It's absolutely imperative that investors fully understand not only what they own, but also why they own what they do.  Canadians should demand true and comprehensive advice from their advisors. They also deserve to know exactly how their investments will be protected during any future market corrections.

The sad truth is that so many investors still do not. We know it all starts with knowledge. That's why we're obsessed about educating and spreading real truths about investing.

We are never bound by proprietary pressures to sell products and services that are not in the best interest of our clients. As a fully independent investment firm, we only invest with one priority in mind . . . YOU.


We founded Precedence with one goal in mind: to create an investing and planning experience that is committed solely to serving you, the client.


Security is highly important to investors. That is why we partnered with one of Canada's largest financial institutions for our custodian services.


Conflicts of interest must be removed from the client experience. So, we choose an investment dealer that supports true independence.

Safekeeping of Your Assets

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Client assets are held by an independent custodian, National Bank Independent Network (NBIN), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Bank Financial Inc. This means no one at Precedence Capital ever has personal access to your cash or investments.

It always starts with knowLEDGE.


Concerned about markets?

Protect your portfolio in ALL market conditions.

"Rule #1: Don't lose money.  Rule #2: Refer back to Rule #1."
- Warren Buffet

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Investment Management*
Comprehensive Financial Plan
Written Tax Plan
Risk & Insurance Analysis
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Investment Management*
Comprehensive Financial Plan
Written Tax Plan
Risk & Insurance Analysis
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Investment Management*
Comprehensive Financial Plan
Written Tax Plan
Risk & Insurance Analysis
Tax Advisory & Accounting
Estate Planning
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* Source: S&P500 Dow Jones Indicies LLC,