Check to see if you have accumulated a Capital Dividend Account.  

Capital dividends accumulate through 2 major ways, (1) life insurance proceeds and (2) the non-taxable portion of the capital gain paid from investment income within the Corporation.  

The Capital Dividend Account is a Notional Account so there are not actual monies in the Account. Most people know if they accumulate capital dividends account from life insurance proceeds but are unaware of the accumulation from capital gains.

This amount can be paid out to you the shareholder tax-free through a Capital Dividend by filing an election to do so.2 big reasons why it makes sense to take your Capital Dividend is

(1) it will decrease the number of investable assets you have in your corporation and therefore help with Passive Income Clawback (even if it moves the needle a bit)  and (2) Capital Losses will reduce your Capital Dividend Account. So you will want to lock in having that positive value at risk of losing or reducing it from a Capital Loss.