How To Beat The Market...Guaranteed

by Todd McLay

May 22, 2020

Beating the market index is a feat that less than 5% of all "professional" advisors and portfolio managers accomplish over the long term.

Why is this exactly?  ...Could it be that their experience, knowledge, and platform are simply inadequate?...

Or perhaps it is simply because they are overconfident in their ability to outsmart the market by picking individual stocks based on their hunches, forecasts, and so-called expertise?

As Warren Buffett states, "I don't know anyone who can consistently beat the market, and I don't know anyone who knows anyone that can either" :)So when this type of investment opportunity comes along, it is wise to lean forward and take full attention.  

These products are not always available.  

Only during certain parts of the business and market cycle do these types of opportunities exist.

There likely may not be a better way to take full advantage of the eventual market recovery than with this type of investment structure.

* All investment advice related to securities is provided by Todd McLay and his team, through Precedence Capital – Gravitas Securities Inc. (GSI).


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